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Recruitment & Selection

Does the Company typically specify the number of years' experience required in job adverts? YesNo
Do you verify that applicants have the right to live and work in the UK? YesNo
Are your offers of employment conditional on the receipt of satisfactory references? YesNo

Policy & Documentation

Do you issue written employment contracts and terms and conditions to all employees within 2 months of their start date? YesNo
Have you reviewed your employment contracts in the last 6 months to ensure they are legally compliant? YesNo
Do you have an employee handbook detailing company policies and procedures? YesNo
Do your employees who are aged 25 and over earn at least £7.20 per hour? YesNo

Disciplinary & Grievance

Do you have a disciplinary procedure with the right to appeal and to be accompanied? YesNo
Do you have a grievance procedure with the right to appeal and to be accompanied? YesNo

Holiday & Working time

Does your Company offer at least 5.6 weeks (28 days) annual holiday to employees inclusive of bank holidays? YesNo
Do you have employees who work more than 48 hours per week who have not signed an opt-out agreement? YesNo

Family Friendly

Does your Company have a flexible working policy in place to deal with employees who request a change to their working hours? YesNo
Do you have a policy which clearly explains employee rights and obligations under Shared Parental Leave? YesNo
Do you permit employees (with one or more years’ service) who are birth or adoptive parents to take up to 18 weeks parental leave before their child's 18th birthday? YesNo

Absence Management

Do you record the number of days lost per annum by employees due to sickness absenteeism? YesNo
Do you have a procedure in place to manage short and long term sickness absence? YesNo

Performance Management

Do you have an appraisal system in place to measure performance? YesNo
Do you have a procedure in place to formally manage poor performers? YesNo

Recognition & Engagement

Do you have a recognition scheme in place to reward employees who go the extra mile? YesNo
Do you routinely ask your employees for feedback on all aspect of their employment, so you can review and make improvements? YesNo
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