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It is inevitable that from time to time relationships in the work place can become strained or breakdown. These can be damaging in terms of morale and lost productivity and costly if the dispute escalates to an employment tribunal.

These may centre on:

  • Performance issues (can’t do) – failure to perform duties to an acceptable standard
  • Conduct issues (won’t do) –  such as unauthorised absence, dishonesty, persistent bad timekeeping, poor attendance, abusive behaviour, failure to observe company procedures.
  • Work place complaints against fellow workers, management or working conditions

We can ensure that you have legally compliant procedures in place and provide you with expert support in dealing with any issues quickly and effectively at every stage.

Breathe Silver HR Partner

Ramshaw HR are proud to be a Breathe certified Silver partner.

We can assist with the implementation of Breathe software that will help your business to improve employee performance and drive motivation via the setting of goals and much more.