if you are looking for an HR Consultant in Surrey, Ramshaw HR provide comprehensive human resource consultancy services, tailored to your SME needs. We understand that your focus is on running and developing your company and we want to allow you to focus on what you do best. We do that by saving you time, money and reducing costs by providing flexible solutions to all your HR needs.

Our HR Solutions are a perfect fit for a small or medium enterprises (SME). If you are based in Surrey and require expert HR support, but are unable to afford the overhead costs of a full time HR team then do get in touch

HR Consultancy in Surrey - View from North Downs

Our services are available on a monthly retainer basis, we also offer a pay as you go service for ad-hoc HR advice and competitive rates for specific HR projects.

Whatever your needs, our friendly, flexible and hands on approach will ensure that a clear course is found to keep your staff and business on the right tack.

Breathe Silver HR Partner

Ramshaw HR are proud to be a Breathe certified Silver partner.

We can assist with the implementation of Breathe software that will help your business to improve employee performance and drive motivation via the setting of goals and much more.