Ramshaw HR provides a comprehensive range of HR support services for small businesses.

The HR needs for small businesses can vary depending on a number of different factors.  For example, we understand that the main aim and priority of those who are starting a small business will be to keep costs as low as possible, so will only spend on business-critical items.  Some may think that HR is not a business-critical necessity. However, the right level of HR support for small businesses will ensure that the risks associated with a costly employee dispute or tribunal claim are minimised by ensuring that the business meets is legal employment-related obligations.  HR can help small businesses by implementing policies, procedures, and employment contracts as a framework to safeguard the business.

HR Policies for Small Business

An employee handbook which includes a number of legally required policies will ensure that the HR requirements for small business operating in the UK are met.  Employment laws for small businesses are, in the main, no different to employment laws for large businesses. Therefore, the employment rules for small business must be applied in the same way.  For example, the handbook should detail a sickness policy in detail, so employees and managers know the process they need to follow. The handbook should also detail the HR policies and procedures for the small business in respect of the disciplinary and grievance procedure to ensure that this is legally compliant and fit for purpose.

Whilst the HR resources for a small business will be significantly less than a large business, the policies and procedures relating to a number of specific policies such as disciplinary and sickness will be remarkably similar as these are governed by statute.  For more information on HR regulations for small business and HR policies for small businesses in the UK, contact Ramshaw HR today.

HR Essentials for Small Business

Many small businesses will require HR support but will not want the expense of hiring an HR professional.  This is where outsourcing this support to an HR consulting firm for small business, such as Ramshaw HR, becomes a realistic and cost-effective option.  

HR for Small Businesses

HR for small business owners needs to meet a number of essential parameters. The reason being is that the small business owner will want:

  • Pragmatic and tailored advice from a qualified and experienced HR professional
  • The ability to use the HR support as and when this is required
  • Value for money in terms of the support and service provided

At Ramshaw HR, our number one priority is to ensure that we provide HR consulting services for a small business which is tailored to their requirements and provides excellent value for money.  We provide a number of different HR packages for small businesses which include:

  1. An On-demand HR service. For example, a small business may need HR advice with a specific problem or issue.  On this HR package, the small business can use the available HR support as little or often as it likes.
  2. A Project related HR service. For example, a small business may need HR support with a project.  For example, this may relate to a restructure of the business or introducing an HR information system.  On this HR package, the small business is provided with support at each step in the lifecycle of the project from planning through to implementation.
  3. A Retained HR service. For example, a small business may need HR support on a regular/monthly basis. This may be because the small business owner has a number of employees to manage or is looking to take on their first employee and/or because the business is growing and/or going through a period of organisational change.  The small business can effectively outsource to HR outsourcing companies for small businesses such as Ramshaw HR. This service can provide excellent value for money, as the small business owner receives an HR expert for an agreed number of hours each month. This means that the small business does not need to employ an HR professional but has access to this expertise at times which suit the needs of the business.

Best HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Many businesses most valuable asset is their people.  Therefore, it is critical that the business owner identifies the best HR companies for small business.  In short, this means selecting the HR consulting firm which meets both the needs of the small business and fits its culture and values.  At Ramshaw HR, we always take time to fully understand our client’s specific requirements and objectives.

Writing a list of the key HR requirements is always a good starting point for a client, as this will form the basis of any initial discussions with Ramshaw HR.

Getting this right with ensuring that the right level of HR help for the small business is in place so the business owner can focus on driving the Company forward with the peace of mind that they have invested wisely in a professional and competent outsourcing HR manager for their small business.

HR Tips for small business

We are often asked about our top tips for small business owners.  Therefore, we have compiled a top three HR checklist for small business.

  1. Consider hiring an HR Consultant. Small business owners cannot justify the cost of hiring a full-time HR professional but failing to draft legally compliant employment contracts, policies and procedures (the HR basics for small business) represent a financial risk to the business.   Therefore, investing in getting the right HR strategic plan for your small business from the outset will represent a worthwhile investment.
  2. Don’t ignore people problems. For example, an underperforming employee, an employee with high levels of short-term sickness or an employee with an attitude problem towards management.  The temptation for many busy business owners is to hope the situation will improve itself and go away. In practice, this rarely happens and early intervention by an HR professional will likely rectify the issue before it becomes a bigger issue.

Use HR technology to automate transactional HR processes and save time and money.  Cloud-based employment management software means that the days of wading through spreadsheets for holidays and filing cabinets for employee records are over.  Employees can simply update their own record if they, for example, move house and are able to submit electronic requests for a holiday. The system can also show HR the structure for the small business in terms of reporting lines and departments.