HR Consultancy in Surrey view from North DownsHR Consulting involves a third party, usually, an MCIPD (Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) qualified HR Consultancy partner, providing specialist HR advice and services to maximise the effectiveness of the client’s HR operation.

At Ramshaw HR, all consultants are fully qualified and experienced in the complete range of HR disciplines. This means that Ramshaw HR can offer the following HR services;

  1. An On-demand HR service.
    For example, a client may need HR support with a specific problem or issue. Once this has been addressed, it is likely that discussions would follow to ensure that a suitable solution is put in place to minimise the same issue arising again in the future.
  2. A Project related to HR service.
    For example, a client may need HR support with a project. This may relate to a restructure of the business, adopting a new pay scale or appraisal procedure, introducing an HR information system or initiating a training programme. At Ramshaw HR, the HR consultant would work closely with the client to plan, lead and implement the project to agreed timescales to ensure that the project goals were met whilst adhering to the legal requirements.
  3. A Retained HR service.
    For example, a client may need HR support on a regular/monthly basis. This may be because the client has a number of employees to manage or is looking to take on their first employee and/or because the business is growing and/or going through a period of organisational change. The client can effectively outsource all HR related work to Ramshaw HR. This service can provide excellent value for money, as the client receives an HR expert for an agreed number of hours each month. This means that the client does not need to employ an HR professional but has access to this expertise at times which suit the needs of the business.

Freelance HR Consultant

Many HR consultancy services are provided by a freelance HR Consultant. These HR consultancy partners often operate as a limited business and serve a wide range of different clients within a geographical region. For example, Ramshaw HR provides freelance HR consultancy services for customers based in the South East of England.

HR Consulting Services

HR consulting partners, such as Ramshaw HR, provide a full range of HR services which include:

  • Employment contracts – providing a legally compliant contract to protect the business
  • Policy & documentation – providing legally compliant policies to ensure fair and consistent practices
  • Implementation of an HR Information system – automating many time-consuming and transactional HR processes such as holiday bookings and sickness management
  • Absence management – providing advice and guidance on the management of both short- and long-term sickness absence
  • Disciplinary & grievance – ensuring a legally compliant and fair investigation is followed through to conclusion
  • Performance management – managing and improving performance
  • Recruitment & selection – attracting and selecting suitable candidates
  • Restructures & redundancy – managing each step of this project
  • Family-friendly – providing advice and guidance relating to maternity leave, shared parental leave, paternity leave and many more.
  • Recognition & reward – providing advice and guidance relating to intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Training – running workshops on a full range of HR related subject areas

HR business consulting can apply to small and medium-sized businesses, who may require HR outsourcing and consulting services and to large multi-national businesses who may require freelance HR consultancy partners to assist their HR teams with a specific project or initiative. Ramshaw HR is able to provide a range of professional HR services to both SME and large businesses.

Why use HR outsourcing and consulting services?

Many SME sized businesses are primarily focussed on delivering their Company’s core products and services. Therefore, many owners understandably find that HR related issues are an unwelcome distraction to their goal of growing/maintaining a profitable business.

More often than not, HR issues are time-consuming and complex and if handling wrongly can have serious and potentially costly implications. There is also a general acceptance that these issues cannot be ignored, and that employment law is complex (and ever-changing).

This is true. Employment contracts and handbook policies need to be legally compliant and regularly updated to ensure that procedures surrounding disciplinary, sickness and performance are handled correctly and does not risk a costly employment tribunal claim.

This is why increasing numbers of businesses are making the commercial decision to outsource part or all of their HR services to Ramshaw HR. The benefits of using HR business consulting services include:

  1. Peace of mind – Having professional HR consultancy partners who advise and deal with all matters relating to HR to ensure legal compliance and minimise the risk of an expensive tribunal claim arising.
  2. Back to basics – Leadership teams can re-focus on growing and developing their business without being distracted by numerous and time-consuming HR related matters.
  3. Commercial – The cost savings associated with HR outsourcing and consulting can be significant in terms of saving management time, reducing the risk of costly employee disputes and increasing levels of engagement and productivity. In addition, clients only paying for the HR consultancy service when this is needed, so do not need to add HR personnel to their monthly payroll costs.

What to Look for in a freelance HR Consultant?

Many businesses most valuable asset is their people. Therefore, it is critical that the HR consultancy services provider meets both the needs of the business and fits its culture and values. At Ramshaw HR, we always take time to fully understand our client’s specific requirements and business objectives.

Writing a list of the key HR requirements is always a good starting point for a client, as this will form the basis of any initial discussions with Ramshaw HR.

Getting this right to ensure that the client can focus on driving the business forward with the peace of mind that they have invested wisely in a professional and competent HR consultancy partner.

Our locations

HR Consultancy Surrey

Ramshaw HR Limited provides professional Human Resource services to small and medium-sized business clients in the South East (Surrey, Sussex, Kent, and London).

Businesses owners typically want to locate HR consultancy firms which are nearby, so may use a search engine, such as Google and type; HR consultancy firms near me or if, for example, they are based in London; ‘HR consultancy firms London’. ‘HR consultancy near me’ will produce a comprehensive list of HR consultancy services in London, if the business is, for example, London based.

If the business requires an independent HR consultant London, the search engine method will certainly produce many potential HR consultancy partners to consider.

HR Interim Consulting

Ramshaw HR provides HR interim consultancy to businesses that require specific support with an HR related project. For example, the implementation of a cloud-based HR information system.

At Ramshaw HR, interim HR consultants are committed to an interim career and enjoy the challenge of varied HR projects and assignments. Examples of our interim HR consultancy work includes:

  • To cover for maternity or illness;
  • To fill highly specialist skill gaps in existing teams;
  • To manage complex HR issues. For example, a dispute;
  • To implement a new HR information system; and
  • To manage change. For example, a restructure or redundancy programme.

An interim HR consultant in London is often in high demand. Ramshaw HR prides itself in providing effective interim HR consultants who bring a new perspective to the project, integrate into the business quickly and provide an objective approach to their work. These factors alone will often bring impressive results for our clients.