As summer quickly fades and winter draws closer, the spread of viruses such as flu increase which typically leads to a corresponding increase in staff absenteeism levels.  The impact of this on a small or medium sized business can be significant in terms of lost productivity and revenue, especially if this virus spreads throughout the work place at a business critical time.

But there is a solution.  We investigate workplace flu vaccinations.

1. Why should my business do this? Flu vaccinations are one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your workforce and business from flu related periods of sickness absenteeism and will show your employees that you take a responsible approach to looking after their welfare.

2. How does this work?  There are a number of health organisations who provide this service to businesses.

3. What are the service options?  Typically, there are 3 types of service options.  An on-site service where a nurse visits your premises, a clinic service where an employee can call in with a voucher and a national service where an employee can use a voucher at a number of national supermarkets and chemists around the UK.

4. When should I arrange to vaccinate my staff?  The flu virus tends to peak throughout December, January and February so vaccinations should ideally be arranged in late September and October.

5. Will I need a large office to accommodate this?  No, you will just need a private office or meeting room available and agree a time and date which is most convenient to you for the nurse to visit your premises, preferably when most of your staff are in the workplace.

6. How should I promote this service to my staff?  Most providers will offer free posters for your to display around the workplace, promoting the benefits of flu immunisation and you should ask your staff to let you know if they wish to take advantage of this offer.

7. Can I insist that all my staff are vaccinated?  An employer has no right to insist on a flu vaccination and forcing an employee to have a vaccination could prompt a number of employment-related claims as well as a charge of criminal assault.

8. Do I have to offer my staff a vaccination against flu?  There is no obligation on an employer to offer a vaccination against flu.

9. How long will it take?  You should allow approximately 10 minutes per employee.  Nurses are full trained in administering flu vaccinations and will ask a series of questions to ensure the employee is suitable.

10.  Where can I go for more information or for support in managing this service within my business?  Please contact Ramshaw HR for more details @


By Bruce Ramshaw

Principal Consultant


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