Many businesses are only as good as the people they employ.  As a result, the business cannot thrive without employing reliable and motivated employees.  This means that irrespective of the size of your business, human resources (HR) expertise will be an essential element of your ongoing success.

It can be hard to know where to start in terms of establishing HR practices and procedures.  That’s why Ramshaw HR offers free human resources advice to all prospective clients in the form of a free HR health check.

What does a free HR health check involve?

A free HR health check will involve a qualified HR Consultant visiting your premises to assess the overall health of your HR practices and, where necessary, suggesting where improvements could be made to ensure legal compliance with employment law and/or to add value to your business.

A free HR health check will involve the following steps;

  1. The completion of a short on-line questionnaire to determine your current HR practices.
  • Based on the questionnaire results, an online HR Consultant will draft a report and send this to you.  The report will detail the overall health of your current HR practices.
  • As part of this process, you will be offered a complimentary on-site meeting with a qualified HR Consultant to discuss your requirements and where improvements could be made to ensure that your business is legally compliant and fully utilising its most important resource – its people.

To achieve a solid HR framework, this will involve, in most cases, reviewing;

  • HR Processes and procedures for;

Why use HR outsourcing companies?

Many business owners understandably find that HR related issues are an unwelcome distraction to their goal of running and growing a profitable business.

More often than not, HR issues are time-consuming and complex and if handling wrongly can have serious and potentially costly implications.   There is also a general acceptance that these issues cannot be ignored and that professional HR expertise is a worthwhile investment. This is true and is the reason why increasing numbers of businesses are making the commercial decision to outsource part or all of their HR services to Ramshaw HR.   The benefits of using HR business consulting services include:

  • Peace of mind – you have a trusted HR advisor to call upon
  • Commercial – you can focus on your business and Ramshaw HR can focus on your HR needs
  • Performance – HR practices can increase levels of engagement and productivity

HR support services

At Ramshaw HR, we offer the following HR services;

  1. An On-demand HR service

For example, a client may need HR support with a specific problem or issue. 

For example, a client may need HR support with a project.  This may relate to a restructure of the business, adopting a new pay scale or appraisal procedure, introducing an HR information system or initiating a training programme.

For example, a client may need HR support on a regular/monthly basis for an agreed number of hours each month.  The client can effectively outsource all HR related work to Ramshaw HR.

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